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7 Event Photography Objectives

Las Vegas is the city of mind-blowing events. That doesn’t mean all events feature a tiger juggling fiery chainsaws…but some do. As an event photographer in Las Vegas, we cover arena stadium events. We cover birthday parties and everything in-between. Some event photographers may record what they see, but intentionality will create a complete photo package. As an event photographer in Las Vegas, we focus on 7 objectives for every photography assignment.

#1 Event Photography in Las Vegas – The Complete Package

Firstly, we have an ambition to be the best event photographer in Las Vegas by capturing the best event summary. Events large and small, are the result of hours, days, weeks and sometimes years of planning. In most cases, multiple companies and brands are involved in each event. A successful event is aided by the collaboration of services like catering and floral decor. Additionally, they utilize beverage, wait staff and audio visual, to name a few. To accurately represent the event planning efforts, our event photography demonstrates an awareness of all involved parties.

An image from the 19th annual Latin Grammy Awards with people playing a guitar, a pair of drums, a saxophone, and a trumpet.

Sponsorship Event Photographer

Many events are made possible through sponsorships. These sponsor companies are eager to have their brand displayed in front of everyone who attends the event. Types of visual collateral include directional signage, branded decor, napkins, shirts, hats and digital signage. Some brands deploy innovative visuals like branded cocktail ice cubes, 3D mapping projections, cake builds and ice sculptures. Key Lime Photography captures event sponsorship photos as a way to document the activation. Documentary images like this are sometimes called “proof of performance.” This type of photo could be captured with a cell phone. However, we photograph the collateral in a way that demonstrates integration into an environment. In other words, we treat sponsorship as if it’s the hero of the event. In a way, it is the hero. Creating heroic sponsorship photos also gives the sponsor beautiful images that they use for social media content. If McDonalds shares a photo of your event on their social media feed, everyone wins.

Iconic photo of Cage the Elephant by concert photographer Key Lime Photo. Lead singer Matt Schultz performing his signature crowd surf.
woman performing at concert in Las Vegas

Entertainment Photography

Hired entertainment is often the heart of an event. As an event photographer in Las Vegas, we capture entertainment photos that embody the energy of a performance. A photo of Lindsey Stirling is going to look different than a photo of Jewel. Nevertheless, each will reflect the ambiance that the performer conveyed onstage. Secondly, we produce images that feel like suspended animation. In other words, the photo leaves you wanting to hear the next note, the beat drop or cymbal crash. Event photos that hold viewers in this moment of heightened anticipation, make for impactful memories. Moreover, they are great for social media recap content and marketing photography.

With the Key Lime Photography team at your live concert and other entertainment events, every important moment is captured on camera.

Our team arrives early and starts taking pictures around your venue, capturing the small details that make your entertainment event special. Once the event proper or performances start, we shoot the artists from different angles to capture them in action.

Don’t let another event pass by without professional entertainment photographers capturing every moment for you. Work with Key Lime Photography today.

Event Photography - Team Photo Las Vegas

Staff Event Photographer

Events don’t run themselves. After the planning phase, events require a team of helping hands to make sure all guests’ needs are met. Mostly, this core team is not hired but made of the staff from the organization that is hosting the event. Simply put, they are paid in pride. After shooting many corporate events as an event photographer in Las Vegas, we can safely say the host staff enjoys their work. It is a pleasure to capture their smiles, teamwork and engagement with guests. Sharing staff photos at the end of an event is definitely one of the most rewarding aspects of being an event photographer.

With staff event photography, you can keep behind-the-scenes memories of your team. Plus, you can see them in action or goofing around, scenes you may not otherwise witness in the middle of events.

The Key Lime Photography team knows the value of having hardworking staff. Reward them by capturing their moments at work with our staff event photography services.

A arena full of an audience with the projection saying "Make an Impact"

Venue Photography

We always make sure to include event architectural photography in our event package. Capturing the venue allows the event planner to reflect on their choice. If the event is held annually, the venue photography will be a valuable tool. It helps event planners decide whether to use the same venue again, or look for other options. The event planner may also choose to share the event photos with the venue. When venues share beautiful images on social media, it creates added exposure for the event host, the event itself, and for the brands involved.

In addition, venue photography can show off the scope of your audience, as well as the level of interior decorating your team invested in for your events. Key Lime Photography’s venue photographers make sure to capture all these important details for you.


Attendee Photography

Attendees and guests are the reason events exist. Good event photography focuses on guests as they enjoy themselves. Key Lime Photography captures candid moments. Additionally, we find appropriate times to interact with guests and create engaging photos. For example, we capture groups of friends, posed and ready for a moment with the camera.
Las Vegas event photography is no different from other locations. Everyone wants to have a good time and those are the moments we look for. Spontaneous guest interactions are high on our list of priorities. We also plan our shots before clicking the shutter button. A good event photo is free of distractions. For instance, garbage cans and unsightly buildings can be distracting. Event photography of attendees is great for event recap albums. It also gives attendees a reason to seek their photo by visiting the host company’s website. Lastly, attendees are likely to share their photo with their friends and family on social media. In turn, social media shares generate even more exposure for the event.
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Event Food and Beverage Photography

Food and beverage photography is a big part of being an event photographer in Las Vegas. Not only do people enjoy social noshing in general, but Las Vegas is the epicenter for world renowned chefs. Inevitably, exquisite cuisine finds its way to the serving trays of many corporate events. Key Lime Photography specializes as a food photographer between events. For this reason, we apply food photography knowledge and experience to our event photos. A quick snapshot would document the food served at a corporate reception. However, it’s best to create images that evoke the experience of tasting the food at the event. We have knowledge of revealing the temperature, texture and colors of the cuisine. In this way, Key Lime Photography creates the best possible image with the least amount of production equipment. In other words, we can collect photos of sponsorships, entertainment, guests and food in a matter of seconds. For magazine and menu-quality hero images, we recommend booking a separate food photoshoot.

Event Photographer – Las Vegas, NV

Are you planning any conferences, trade shows, marketing launches, celebrations, galas, awards shows, performances, or other exciting events in Las Vegas this year? If so, you need Las Vegas event photography that will turn heads toward your corporate events or private gatherings.

Key Lime Photography offers corporate event photography services that immortalize your conventions or company events through high-quality photographs. We also offer private event photography services for everything from milestone birthday parties to concerts.

Let our professional event photographers capture the most memorable moments of the next entertainment or business event you've got planned in Las Vegas, NV.

Reach out now for a free consultation and experience professional event photography like you never have before.

The Best Event Photographer With Full-Range Las Vegas Corporate Photography Services

We are committed to photographing every aspect of your event. For this reason, we spare no effort in catering to all your event photography needs in Las Vegas, NV.

Our photography crew shows up to every big event fully equipped and ready to take photos of all the beautiful moments, including any speeches, performances, and interactions between attendees. Besides that, we also have on-site photography amenities. We can provide a green screen and photo booth so clients, employees, friends, and other guests can enjoy a fun photo session to commemorate the event.

Thanks to our fully equipped and talented team, you'll have amazing photographs to remember the best parts of your event.

Beautiful Images That Capture Your Event's Amazing Moments

We strive to deliver the best photos for our clients in Las Vegas, NV. With a focus on quality, our professional event photographer captures every exciting moment of your event. Back at our studio, our videography and event photography team will edit videos and clean up images to give you stellar-quality event photography package that will make attendees recall the amazing time they had and look forward to your next Las Vegas function.

Plug-and-Play Professional Photography in Las Vegas, NV

When you rely on Key Lime Photography to cover your Las Vegas event, you can relax knowing that we'll take care of the important details like where and how to set up, when to photograph guests, and where they can retrieve their pictures. Our photography team will be positioned in strategic locations in your venue, so we'll always be available to you and the organizers.

With Key Lime behind the lens, you'll have nothing to worry about! Look no further if you need a professional photographer that guarantees you a hassle-free special event photography experience.

Your Event Photographer for Every Las Vegas Business Function or Social Gathering

We offer commercial photography and video services for many events of all types in the Las Vegas area. Serving varied Las Vegas businesses and event organizers, Key Lime Photography prides ourselves in our ability to cover a broad range of functions and events.

Whether you need a product photography at your trade show or behind the scenes shots at a music concert for your public relations team, we've got you covered. Trust your event images to a team of photographers that have the skills and tools for any event in Las Vegas, NV.

Get Wonderful and Creative Event Images and Videos for Your Convention or Other Event Now!

Serving Las Vegas businesses and event organizers, we do more than take pictures of events. We create stories that convey what your event and your brand is all about. If you need a photographer or two covering your Las Vegas function, you've found the best partner. Contact us at Key Lime Photography today by calling (702) 707-3437 or reaching out online.

Why Hire Key Lime Photo as your Professional Event Photographer?

Our events are successfully captured when we represent these 7 objectives in their best light. Delivering on 7 objectives has become the standard for every event that we photograph. We recognize this is the generation of “right now.” That’s why our included standard delivery time is almost always overnight. Overnight photo delivery is our promise to you. If overnight is not fast enough, we have options for even faster turnaround times. This means no event photographer service in Las Vegas is faster than Key Lime Photography. Quick photo delivery is an essential tool to public relations and marketing teams. If you work in PR or marketing, you are familiar with the longevity of social trends.

Whatever your event needs may be, Key Lime Photography is happy to work with you. We provide full coverage of your event with little guidance. Reserve a date on our calendar by reaching out. We are available by email, phone call or text. Feel free to browse our Las Vegas event photography below.

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