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Las Vegas-based, Key Lime Photography offers creative video production for PR, social media, and marketing teams. Our video content production team works quickly to create unique, professional videos that clearly convey our clients’ message. Hotels and resorts contact Key Lime Photography when they need a cinematographer to tell their brand story. Companies call us when they need a videographer to capture an event and create an exciting recap video. Public speakers reach out to Key Lime Photography when they need a camera operator to record their keynote speech at a trade show or conference.

We also offer News Package Video for times when an event video needs to be recorded and produced in time for the evening news. Check out the video we produced on Entertainment Tonight. The video features “The Batchelor” stars Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham during their Las Vegas visit.

Video Production Company Services:

  • Interview Videos
  • Promotional Video
  • Instructional Video
  • Event Recap Video
  • Highlight Video Reel
  • Speaker Recordings
  • Announcement Videos
  • Company Address Video
  • Social Media Marketing Videos
  • Architectural Walkthrough Video
  • Software Tutorial Video Production
Video production. Green screen set in Las Vegas.
  • Green Screen Video
  • Motion Graphics
  • Teleprompter
  • Drone

Why Events Need Recap Video

Until virtual reality becomes a daily convenience, video is still the best way to experience past events. It allows attendees to reminisce about the event and share online. Video also allows those who missed out to experience the event at a later date. While photography can be an excellent marketing tool, video conveys a few elements that photos cannot. For example, highlight videos demonstrate the pace of an event by showing the way people move and interact with each other. Video also includes sound. Whether the sound is recorded onsite or added later during the video edit post-production, sound eludes to the ambiance and vibe of an event. Sounds indicate whether the event is “reserved and formal” or “talkative and rowdy.”

Additionally, video establishes a sense of space. We use a gimbal camera which is perfect for walkthrough style video. Walkthrough video reveals depth and allows viewers to understand the space in three dimensions. In other words, large spaces and structures appear accurately to be large on-screen. For these reasons, event video is perfect for sharing online. Event video can also be valuable for reviewing the logistics of an event. As such, event successes can be repeated and growth opportunities can be addressed.

Special Event Videography

Complete Video Production Services

As a company offering video production in Las Vegas, we receive a variety of requests. Drone video footage is a good way to enrich video. Our drone pilots are CFR 107-certified and FAA-compliant. Aerial video offers a unique perspective and is perfect for architectural videos or projects with an emphasis on spatial relationships.

Teleprompter video is another service we provide. A teleprompter is a device that allows the subject of a video to read his or her script while being recorded. The script is projected onto a lens directly in front of the camera. The subject then maintains eye contact with the camera while reading. The result is a professional, more-engaged video, free of distractions. Teleprompter video is perfect for CEOs and other executives who need to address their employees or their clientele. Examples of teleprompter opportunities include greetings, announcement videos, instructional videos, and interview videos.

Time-lapse video is another great way to enrich video. Time-lapse video is an effect that shows minutes, hours, and even days of time passing in just a few seconds. Key Lime Photography offers professional time-lapse video for events, assembly, construction, and more. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate a summary of time and effort that is put into a task. One example of this is trade show assembly. Las Vegas is the trade show capital of North America. Each show requires between 1 and 30 days to assemble. It’s easy to imagine this task enlists the teamwork of hundreds of people using heavy machinery.

A time-lapse is perfect for this environment because it demonstrates the resources that go into a massive transformation. At the other end of the spectrum, professional time-lapse video is also the perfect way to show start-to-finish cake building.

Time-lapse, How-to – Demo Video

Time-lapse, Conference Video

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