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Pose for Your Professional Headshot

Let your career take off with a professional headshot from Key Lime Photography. The Las Vegas-based team captures striking headshots for clients, from actors and models to business leaders.

Headshots That Capture the Real You

When it comes to your career, ID photos may be too formal while selfies are too informal. What you need to show what you can bring to the table is a professional headshot.

Headshots are like portraits used in professional settings. These images are taken usually from the chest up, giving viewers a focused perspective of your person. Headshots also give viewers clearer details of your facial features that would otherwise be difficult to see in other types of photos.

These images are used in the entertainment industry. Casting directors and talent agents use them to quickly see if they want to work with an actor or model, based on the personality the talent showcases through their headshot.

Recently, though, more and more people in the corporate world, as well as other professionals, use headshots to promote their personal brand on social media. Get noticed on sites like LinkedIn and Facebook with a professional pic. You can also find these in business websites, newsletters, and press releases.

As such, it’s important that your headshot photographer capture your personality perfectly. Sometimes, a striking headshot is your only chance to leave a good first impression.

Why Choose Key Lime Photography

Key Lime Photography takes headshots for clients from different industries. From executive headshots to model headshots and glamor shots, our team captures photos that show you at your best.

We offer on-location photography sessions, so you can choose natural backdrops like your home or office space. We also provide solid-colored and outdoors-themed backdrops for a natural look.

With Key Lime Photography’s headshot photography services, you’ll get striking photos that show your personality and leave a great first impression.

Headshot Photography

Before & After

All photos go through high-end retouching, which removes distracting backgrounds, discoloration, and other blemishes while also bringing out your best features without changing your overall appearance.

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