Key Lime Photography is a trade show photographer team based in Las Vegas. However, we also serve the trade show industry in cities like Denver, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston, Atlanta and Orlando. Las Vegas is widely accepted as the trade show capitol of North America. Convention spaces can be found at many of the resort hotel properties across the Las Vegas Strip. Key Lime Photography is proud to be called on as a trade show photographer in Las Vegas throughout the calendar year. We have created images and promotional video for some of the biggest brands in the world including Disney, Amazon, Caterpillar, Intel, Pfizer, and Synchrony.

Hero Trade Show Photography

We offer architectural trade show photography which produces a clean, sharp, portfolio-quality image of a booth, stand or exhibit space. These are captured during pre-show hours to show the space without foot traffic. The hero image receives professional retouching to darken ceilings and eliminate surrounding distractions. The final result is an image that boasts accurate colors and lighting design. Digital signage and displays can be tricky to capture in a photograph. If you have ever snapped a cell phone photo of a booth with a TV screen, you know if rarely turns out as expected. As your trade show photographer, we make sure digital displays are rendered exactly as intended. Our final trade show images are perfect for print publications, website portfolio pages and framed wall art.

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Event Trade Show Photography

Key Lime Photography also offers event trade show photography which features attendee engagement within the exhibit space. Book a trade show photographer during your peak hours to show how attendees engage with your booth. During the open hours of the trade show, we capture candid moments of attendees and booth staff. Additionally, we look for warm greetings, smiles, animated hand gestures and booth experiences. Furthermore, we incorporate desired logos and other brand elements from the surrounding booth design. Next, the booth is photographed compartmentally. In other words, we produce wide shots that show the entire space with attendees and booth staff. Next, we proceed closer with photos of vignette spaces within the booth. Lastly, we capture booth structures, like custom desks, signage and featured products.

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Complete Photo and Video Coverage

Trade shows are more than expo hall photography. They often incorporate keynote speakers, breakout sessions and Q&A panels. We capture trade show photography with the same 7 objectives that we apply to our event photography. Above all, we listen to our clients, capturing any concepts they may need. In addition to photography, our clients often have a need for trade show videography. Click here to see a few of our trade show walkthrough videos.

How to use your Trade Show Photography

  • Create an online gallery and invite your attendees to see their images
  • Include your tradeshow photography in a recap post on LinkedIn
  • Send an art print of your expo photography to your booth designer or sponsor partners
  • Use images as promotional media on your website or in an email marketing campaign
  • Bring the images to your post-show meeting to discuss booth effectiveness
  • Print trade show photographer images as large-scale wall art for your business office
  • Package a press release of trade show photography for your Public Relations partner agency
  • Work with your marketing department (or Marketing Agency) to develop a social media strategy
  • Set a reminder to view the trade show photography gallery as inspiration for next year’s improvements
  • Create breakout content for scheduled social media release throughout the year
  • Use images in invitations to next year’s tradeshow or sales meetings
  • Feature exhibit photography in your internal staff newsletter “company successes” section

Trade Show Photography

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