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Architecture Photos

Key Lime Photography is an architecture photographer based in Las Vegas. We capture luxury residential properties as well as commercial spaces. Looking for the best “hero shot” for an architectural publication? For your real estate listing? For your interior design portfolio? For your website or for your office wall? We have an eye for vibrant, crystal clear imagery that shows architecture in its best light. If you are an interior designer, a construction company, an architect, a real estate broker or even the latest Las Vegas hotel, we are happy to work with you.

Communication is Key

While our architecture photography promises stunning final images of your space, our pride lies in our communication with our clients. Logistics for an architecture shoot are not overly complicated. However they do require a level of coordination and attention to detail. You can focus on your day-to-day knowing that we will keep all moving parts organized. Additionally, you won’t find faster photo turnaround times anywhere in Las Vegas.

Commercial Architecture Photography

We capture construction photography during and/or after construction. Our hero images are captured at twilight to maximize vibrance and accentuate the form of the structures being photographed. Additional lighting is used for two reasons. First, added light allows us to illuminate details as well as increase sharpness. Secondly, we can accentuate lights that are already present. As a result, the architecture lighting design is preserved. We also offer video services including walkthrough video and construction time-lapse video.

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Industrial Architectural Photos

Just because a building is massive and plain doesn’t mean it can’t yield beautiful photos. Whether you are a contractor, a construction company, an architect or the end owner, we’ll make sure you have beautiful shots of your building. This is our promise in the pursuit of being the best architecture photographer in Las Vegas.

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Hospitality and Hotel Architecture Photography

Great architecture photography is an essential marketing tool for hotels and resorts. We have over a decade of experience working closely with marketing teams for some of the best and most luxurious resort hotels in the country. Interior designers and staging designers can also play an instrumental part in our photography process. Traditional architecture photos are excellent sales tools. We also create unique, custom photo and video content for social media channels like Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat and TikTok. This is especially useful for social media campaigns.

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Residential Real Estate Photography

We offer Real Estate Photography for MLS listing and advertising. Whether you are an interior designer, real estate agent or broker, Key Lime Photography can capture stunning hero images of your property. Drone photography and video walkthroughs are also services that we offer.

Why do homes benefit from professional Real Estate Photography?
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Tradeshow Architecture Photography

There are a couple types of tradeshow photography. First, there is trade show event photography. This type focuses on capturing exhibitors interacting with guests. Secondly, there is architectural tradeshow photography. Architecture tradeshow photos glorify the design of the booth or stand. This entails highlighting the textures, colors and shapes of the booth. The resulting image is perfectly suited for a portfolio presentation, website display, print publication or framed wall art. Being an architecture photographer in Las Vegas keeps us busy with high demand from trade shows throughout the year.

We Specialize in Twilight Photography

Twilight photography offers unbeatable lighting across all types of exterior architectural spaces. Twilight is most commonly captured at dusk, but can also be photographed just before sunrise. Daytime photos might document a building structure well, but twilight images have a heightened element of luxury, class and comfort. For this reason, Key Lime Photo creates twilight photos for real estate, hotels and other commercial photography. After all, our Nevada skies boast breathtaking sunsets.

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