About Commercial Photography

Key Lime Photography is a commercial photographer in Las Vegas. We create advertising and promotional content for hotels, restaurants, and any business that benefits from professional photos and video. Our commercial photography is crisp, lively, and vivid. For this reason, our images stand out in today’s world of flowing online content.

What Is Commercial Photography?

Simply put, commercial photography helps sell products or services. Good commercial photos will strike a chord with viewers, capturing attention long enough to tell a story or convey a message. We treat our photography as more than documentation. Our commercial photography seeks to support a contextual mission. In other words, commercial food photos are not pictures of a diner. They are pictures of freshly baked lasagna that feel warm and look tasty enough to make viewers hungry. Commercial architecture photos are not pictures of buildings. They are pictures of beautifully designed spaces that demonstrate scale and ambiance, inviting viewers to become visitors. Commercial product photos are not pictures of things. They are pictures of products that are useful, smooth, cold, heavy, shiny, gritty, delicate, glamorous, dangerous, durable, fashionable, soft, efficient, and easy to use.

Why Choose Key Lime Photography for Commercial Photography?

As an agency that offers commercial photography in Las Vegas, our mission is to create marketing and advertising materials that our clients are eager to use. Top class images are important. However, Key Lime Photography offers unbeatable service from start to finish. Part of being a reliable photographer is having dependable communication etiquette. Call us old-fashioned, but we’ll always answer the phone and return every email. We clearly convey expectations while keeping clients informed at all times. Turnaround times are fast and due dates are kept sacred. Lastly and most importantly, we make extra efforts to ensure that Key Lime Photography is easy to work with.

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