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It takes more than a picture to sell a product or build brand notoriety online. It takes the eye and focus of a talented commercial photographer to give you a picture that tells the story behind your product or service. When you hire the right commercial photographer, they can provide pictures that will give you a visual edge above the competition.

Commercial photography is what we do best at Key Lime Photography. We're the leading provider of photography services in Las Vegas and our commercial clients have taken their branding up several notches with the help of our skilled commercial photographers.

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The Best in the Commercial Photography Business

Commercial photos capture your brand and products in ways that express your messaging in the tone you and your customers can respond to positively. With the skills of our commercial photographers, your products or services will become the focal point of every shot. This way, your brand can leave a lasting impression on your target clientele.

At Key Lime Photography, we boast a commercial photography portfolio featuring products, buildings, and events throughout the commercial world. Our photos capture attention, which has made us one of the go-to companies in the commercial photography industry.

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Why You Need Commercial Photography in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a major city full of major competition – both in number and caliber – in every industry. There is an abundance of choices in every industry and potential clients won't have time or energy to fully research the offerings of each. Rather, they'll size a business up as quick as possible, determining the quality of their products or services online at face value.

A commercial photographer can use their expertise to take photos that present your products and your brand in perfect light, literally. A great photographer uses their natural instincts and training to take amazing photos and then can polish them further with the latest editing software.

As a result, you get more than a picture. You get promotional photos and product photos that will easily help you stand out from the rest and leave a lasting impression.

Types of Commercial Photography

While many other commercial photographers only offer a limited scope of services, we can take excellent photos in any commercial industry to ensure that all eyes are on you. Some areas we excel in include:

Food Photography That Makes Mouths Water

If you're a restaurant owner, chef, or food purveyor in Las Vegas, you need to entice potential diners and customers with tempting images of your food. We work with the best food stylists to make the tastes, aromas, and textures of your food exude from the image. By polishing your food pictures and accentuating the vivd colors of your dishes, we present the uniqueness of your food in a way that makes it appear it's right in front of you!

Check out our online portfolio of food pictures to see how we help create demand for your delicious dishes.

Architectural Photography That Builds Your Brand's Image

When we take photographs of buildings and structures, we do more than take snapshots of the exterior. We aim to capture the essence of the building, its history, and its connection to the community around it. Whether you need images of your business location for your website or are looking to highlight a newly designed office, Key Lime Photography has you covered.

Our excellent photography and retouching skills can showcase your structure's unique design with stunning imagery. Call us now for commercial photographs that bring out the best of your building.

Professional Portrait Photography That Catches the Eyes of Prospective Employers and Clients

Headshots aren't just for actors and actresses anymore. These days, businesses need a face to go with the brand. For this reason, you need to leave a lasting impression with a professional portrait photograph that's sharp and shows you off in the best way.

Proper photography skills can capture each member of your team's unique personality. Warm, but professional headshots will help give your clients the trust and confidence in your abilities to exceed their expectations.

Call us now for professionally taken and retouched headshots that boost your image. We offer on-location shoots and can bring backdrops or other accessories to set the tone.

Advertising Photography That Generates Clicks on Your Products and Services

Product photography is pivotal to any marketing strategy. With our advertising shots, your products will land on social media ads and magazine pages with great success.

As a seasoned product photographer in Las Vegas, we can showcase the functionality and uniqueness of your products with just an image. Your product pictures will certainly turn heads, no matter where they appear. Our professional-level camera skills will ensure that your products amaze and stun both online and in print media.

Do you need high-quality images of your product's best selling points or packaging? Check out our product photography images and give us a call!

Event Photography That Captures the Energy

As the Entertainment Capital of the World, Las Vegas hosts events year-round. Any given day, there are a number of concerts, shows, musical festivals, performances, charity galas, business parties, and more happening in and around the city. What better way to capture the excitement than having a professional photographer on hand?

Our event photographers work tirelessly using the best camera gear and editing skills to capture the grandeur of any event. In our distinct style, we produce images that represent all the work you put into your function or event and the attendees' joy in being a part of it.

When you use your event photographs for commercial purposes, you'll be able to highlight how well you pulled it all together and how much fun everyone had. You'll have people lining up to attend your next event!

We've got a strong portfolio of events and parties we've covered. Check out some samples of our work.

Trade Show Photography in Las Vegas That Makes Your Booth Stand Out

Trade show photography is another type of commercial photography that we offer to our clients. We go above and beyond the industry standard whenever we snap shots at trade shows, expos, and conferences. If you're hosting an industry gathering or you're a part of one, you'll want a commercial photograph portfolio that showcases the highlights of your event.

There are so many ways to promote your brand and future events with trade photos. You could offer free access to past event photos on your website, and you could even include some of the best shots in online advertisements for future events.

Even better, why not create some social media buzz around your last event with photo recaps?

The possibilities are endless. Call us now for trade event portfolio images that you can put to good commercial use!

Why Key Lime Photography?

We take on all different types of commercial photography jobs in Las Vegas. Our commercial work doesn't just cover a broad array of commercial functions. We also use high-grade camera equipment to sharpen images and make final edits using the latest software, ensuring that we only deliver a product that's well above the industry average.

Most importantly, our client's vision guides us before we even get behind the camera. Your input helps us create portfolio images that propel your brand to greater heights.

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