surprise marriage proposal at a festival. guy on one knee, girl in awe.

Marriage Proposal at a Las Vegas Music Festival

Key Lime Photography created photos as a festival proposal photographer during Life is Beautiful. Las Vegas is the marriage and engagement capital of the country but this proposal was a unique moment during the annual music festival. Their friends surrounded them, along with nearly 200,000 festival attendees. We loved capturing this surprise marriage proposal in Las Vegas.

Proposal Photographer Plan

As a festival photographer, we were already onsite, capturing the sights and sounds of the festival. We received a phone call during a perfect window of availability. With instructions to “meet by the Ambassador Stage in 20 mins” we hurried through the crowd to find our position. It was easy to spot the couple. She looked like she was enjoying a beer and the cool evening breeze. Meanwhile, he looked like he was at the peak of a roller coaster plunge. As their festival proposal photographer we stayed close by, making sure to appear inconspicuous. It is tough to blend in with a professional camera. Luckily, cameras are ever-present at music festivals. Then, we waited for the universal “I’m proposing now” sign. He dropped to one knee.

Remember the Time

For a couple in love, the right proposal can make time stand still. However, a proposal is lighting fast through the lens of a photographer. We rattle off 300 frames in what seems like seconds. As a general rule of thumb, we try not to “spray and pray.” As a result, the S&P technique yields photos that are unintentional or ill-planned. However, there are exceptions. For example, moments that are fleeting require precautionary fire power. In other words, “Derp face” is avoided. Finally, we have one engaged couple and photo album that will preserve one beautiful moment for years. Here is some of our proposal photography from a unique Las Vegas venue.

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