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Food photographer in Las Vegas image of fun dessert. Cobbler tart with whip cream and chocolate shavings. Tart sauce elegrantly applied to the plate by food stylist. The elements een here play perfectly to the psychology of food photography.

Psychology of Food Photography

As a food photographer in Las Vegas, Key Lime Photography focuses on activating emotions that are tied to cuisine. The combination of delicious cuisine and romantic atmosphere triggers synapses between brain cells. Then, a specific collection of brain cells creates a perceptive memory. Memories that are formed in relation to our 5 senses are easier to recall than those that are not. This is why you can remember many details about your first kiss but have forgotten most of 11th-grade algebra. Tasting food that you have had before can immediately activate a collective of cells in your brain’s hippocampus.

Synapse activation causes you to experience similar feelings to the last time you ate the same food. This is why walking through a food court can remind you of your old elementary school cafeteria. Similarly, eating cheesecake with Bavarian cream, chocolate mousse, and a raspberry sauce reminds you of your bachelorette party dinner. Food photography can have the same effect.

Food Photographer on a Mission

People eat to celebrate, to relax, to socialize, to feel comfort, and to meet fitness goals. People eat when they are happy, stressed, bored, or in love. These experiences are tied to the taste, textures, colors, smells, and even sounds of food. As a food photographer in Las Vegas, Key Lime Photography delivers images that evoke emotion by appealing to all five senses. A decorated chef spends countless hours perfecting food and its ability to appeal to each sense.

As food photographers, it is our responsibility to convey those efforts in a still image. We apply color theory the same way that it is used in marketing. For example, knowing that red and yellow are energetic colors, we can imply a sense of excitement. By using blue tones, we can inject a sense of relaxation or charisma. We use lighting to reveal textures. Food photography with no texture is flat and boring. A texture tells us whether a burger is dry or juicy. Likewise, texture tells us whether tomatoes are slimy or fresh.

Key Lime Photography creates food photography that is full of life because we know how to make food look fresh and delicious while supporting the brand of the kitchen preparing it.


Professional Food Stylist

Key Lime Photography collaborates with the best food stylists in Las Vegas. A food and beverage stylist is instrumental in an efficient, successful photoshoot. They are able to maintain the fresh colors and textures of food while arranging a balanced composition. By preserving the appearance of freshness, a food stylist saves time and money on a photoshoot. They allow the photographer to work with one entree for up to 20 minutes when the food would otherwise wilt. When food loses its spunk, a new batch must be cooked, costing the restaurant time and money. Not only does the food stylist preserve food, but they also provide design input. When choosing linen and flatware, they know which textures and patterns will complement the food rather than overpower it.

Food photography benefits when the stylist is confident in arranging props that reflect the ambiance of the restaurant. A good stylist is also excellent at communication, often working side-by-side with the chef to represent the restaurant in its best light.


Food Photography With Marketing in Mind

After a food photographer has captured an image that looks delicious and evokes emotion, what’s next? Key Lime Photography collaborates with public relations and marketing teams to produce beautiful finished images. Calling on more than fifteen years of graphic design and marketing experience, we pre-plan each photoshoot. Pre-planning allows us to accommodate a variety of final output sizes. For example, we strategically leave space for advertising text and logos.

We also instill versatility that will allow for vertical and horizontal page designs. In other words, one image can be cropped for a horizontal web banner, a vertical Instagram story, and a full-page magazine advertisement. As professional food photographers in Las Vegas, we are familiar with the flexibility that is required by restaurant marketing.


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