Why You Should Never Skimp on Event Photography

here’s no doubt that selfies are in vogue and a fun way to capture a moment. However, it’ll take more than a few quick shots with your phone’s camera to create credibility and boost engagement for any future events or conventions your company is holding in Las Vegas, NV. You don’t want photography that only shows your event – you want Las Vegas event photography that shows it off!

When it comes to event photography, you’re in luck because Key Lime Photography is here to help. Our Las Vegas event photography services have captured the most memorable parts of many events. When you engage our corporate photography services, you’ll get pictures to boost your public relations and marketing campaigns. Our professional photographers will be sure to focus event photography on all the important details of your occasion in Las Vegas. With images highlighting the best of corporate events, your guests and your followers will look forward to attending more.

You might be thinking: “I’ll just make do with my phone; it’s given me beautiful images in the past and Las Vegas event photography is pricey, anyway.”

We get it, but believe it or not, event photography is an investment for you and your brand. We’ll cover the reasons why you should never skimp on event photography below.

Many Companies Hire Professional Las Vegas Event Photographers for Their Corporate Events

Ever wonder why your competitors always seem to post event pictures that look sleek and glamorous? Well, you can bet their secret weapon is having an event photographer on hand!

Event photography is an excellent investment to make for a corporate event and many successful companies understand the power of hiring a skilled professional. If you’re looking for a way to increase attendance to your corporate affairs or capture the joyful atmosphere of a celebration the way other businesses have, then hire an experienced company to take care of all your photography needs in Las Vegas.

Memorable Photos for Any Type of Corporate Event in Las Vegas

Many photographers in Las Vegas make the mistake of treating all corporate events the same way. When they do, the photos might come out alright, but they give off a generic vibe that can be a bit boring. For a special event, you need photographers who have experience with different corporate functions like product launches, trade shows, corporate outings, annual conferences, award ceremonies, charity galas, and so on. They can make each look unique and exciting.

Leave your event photos to the pros. With event photographers, you’ll get photos that display the best parts of your corporate events, whatever they are.

Event Photography on a Massive Scale in Las Vegas

When you hire Key Lime Photography, everything from the attending guests to the ambiance of the venue to the basis of the event will get their due focus from our team of photographers. As a result, you’ll get images that capture your corporate function in its full splendor, no matter how big or small it is – and that’s not something you can get with a regular phone camera.

Event Photography Services Allow You to Set It and Forget It

Event Photography Services

Picture this (pun intended):

You’re running a trade show in Las Vegas, NV. Everyone at the event is having a great time, rubbing elbows with industry colleagues and getting a look into the future of their business. You’ve been trying to take pictures yourself, but you keep getting interrupted by small issues that need attention and acquaintances wanting to catch up. How do you run a big event while simultaneously playing host and photographer?

With event photography in Las Vegas done by pros, you can focus your energies on being a good host and making sure everything runs smoothly. Trust Key Lime Photography to document the best parts of your trade show.

With our team of professional event photographers at the venue, you can expect nothing less than high-quality photographs that show off your event in an exciting way and have people clamoring for your next event – you won’t even have to lift a finger!

Corporate Event Photography Builds Your Brand’s Unique Image

We mean this in both the literal and figurative sense. Our Las Vegas corporate event photography experts can snap pictures in a way that no untrained guest with a camera phone can. Professional event photographers will work with you leading up to the event, learning about your brand, the specifics of the event, the tone you like to convey, and any special moments or people that definitely need to be recorded. With this information, our event photographers can capture quality photographs that enhance your company’s desired image and fit perfectly with your brand.

Las Vegas event photography is a dependable solution to communicating your brand’s identity through your major events!

High-Resolution Images From a Professional Event Photographer

You can be sure of one thing when you hire an event photographer in Las Vegas: amazing photographs and videos that’ll catch eyes and arrest attention!

Our Las Vegas event photographers have all the equipment and experience needed to take some of the most detailed shots you’ll ever see at corporate events. When documenting events, our photographers use the most appropriate equipment, including high-end DSLR cameras and even drones.

Aside from the equipment, our expert photographers’ professionalism, skill, and laser focus guarantee that nothing but the best event images will fill the pages of your event portfolios.

In short, when you hire a professional photography team like Key Lime Photography, your corporate event images will turn heads, get bookings, bring in new clients, and generate interest for your next event in Las Vegas, NV.

Las Vegas Corporate Photography Is Surprisingly Affordable

Hiring an experienced photography team is worth the cost. Let’s consider a few scenarios, shall we?

Say that you’ve hired an amateur team of photographers in Las Vegas. They manage to take several images and maybe even threw in a complimentary photo booth for the price you’ve paid. However, because they don’t specialize in corporate event photography, their photographs really don’t capture the event and are not of great quality. Now you have to get their shots edited by someone else, meaning another payment. And while the photo booth pictures are fun, they aren’t exactly appropriate to put on your website.

Now let’s imagine that you’ve hired a professional event photographer in Las Vegas instead. The event photographer collaborates with you beforehand so they know exactly what shots you want of your corporate event. They know how to take photographs that highlight the important aspects of an event and can convey the tone and mood. As a result, your Las Vegas event photographer can give you perfect images that showcase the best parts of your corporate event.

And here’s the awesome part:

An exceptional photographer that knows what you’re going for can edit and alter images without you needing to pay an additional editing team. Las Vegas event photographers take your event photos, process them in their studios, and send them back to you. You’ll get exceptional photographs at a reasonable price.

An Event Photographer

An Event Photographer, Videographer, and More!

With our professional photographers, you’ll get excellent Las Vegas event photography – but wait! There’s more!

You can also opt to have high-quality videos taken as well! Our video services can display your special occasion in all it’s glory, showing viewers how well you can throw corporate outings or consumer events. We can use handheld recorders, drones, and strategically placed video cameras to capture the full experience of award ceremonies, trade shows, product launches, marketing campaign events, and even private parties for employees or clients that you might have in Las Vegas.

This means you can get a full range of services from us, all for an amazing price – how’s that for value?

Professional Photography Services Can Make Even Candid Moments Memorable

Have you ever seen those shots at a trade show or corporate networking event where two people are laughing and having a good time? How about those shots of people shaking hands, happy to be wrapping up their corporate meetings? What makes these candid photos such a pleasure to look at is the story behind the pictures.

The story created is the product of sharpness and detail that allows the viewer to envision what led to that great moment depicted in the picture. And who can take such a photo? If you guessed that it’s a corporate event photographer, you’re spot on! An event photographer knows how to time the click of the camera to perfectly capture these moments.

Photos and Videos That Tell Stories About Your Brand

Photos and Videos That Tell Stories

Anyone can use their phones to snap pictures at an event, but when you hire the perfect photographer behind the camera, you get more than a picture. You get a photo that tells people a story about who you are as a brand.

How? Our photographers in Las Vegas will work closely with you to get a fix on what your brand is all about and what the importance of the event is. From here, they can capture images that tell the story you want to tell. Let’s look at an example:

Say that you’re hosting a few consumer events in Las Vegas that are both product launches for your furniture line. Due to the nature of your business, you want the focus of the photography to be on a variety of guests actually using your furniture. An event photographer will take your photography needs into account and take pictures specifically when guests first experience and enjoy your furniture at the events. They will be able to capture not only the beauty and innovation of your designs, but also the comfort and joy people get from them. You’ll have all the images you need to show that you build high-quality furniture people enjoy.

If you want photos that steal the show and place your brand’s identity in the limelight, nothing beats hiring the best event photographer in Las Vegas, NV!

Building Credibility? No Problem!

If you’re building credibility, hosting a corporate event can go a long way in showing your guests that you’re a legit brand with quality products or services. But what about those who aren’t at the event? How do you demonstrate credibility to people who didn’t attend?

If you think a few stock photos or amateur pictures of the day can build your credibility, you are wrong. Getting professional-looking shots of your specific company is a huge reason to hire an event photographer who’s been in the business for a long time.

An event photographer can capture photos that exude professionalism. With quality photos, everyone who sees the photos will know that you’re the real deal and that you throw a corporate bash like no other!

Las Vegas Event Photography Services Includes Photo Storage

When you throw an amazing corporate event that’s sure to be on people’s lips until your next one, you’ll most likely end up with hundreds of photographs. However, keeping these safe, secure, and organized is a pain.

Let us take care of storage for you. Part of our Las Vegas event photography service includes file storage of your photos; no matter how many shots we took at your Las Vegas trade show, our team will have copies on hard drives.

Photos of Your Las Vegas Event That’ll Be Yours to Keep

Don’t worry – ownership of the event photos falls to you once we’re done with everything. We surrender ownership at the end of our contract so after we’ve processed all of your corporate event photos, you can use them for hyping up your next Las Vegas event without worrying about any legal issues along the way.

Entrust Your Event Photos to the Best Event Photographers in Las Vegas!

Chances are your entire company worked hard to plan and organize a grand Las Vegas event. Do justice to their effort and the splendor of your corporate function with a photography team in Las Vegas that delivers nothing less than excellence.

If you are looking for a Las Vegas event photography team that has your success as its focus, then look no further. At Key Lime Photography, we will happily take care of your photography needs and more for a price as sweet as key lime pie!

Don’t settle for average. Reach out now to discuss event photography services that will deliver quality photos of your next event in Las Vegas, NV!

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