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Using a Las Vegas Video Production Company to Create Effective Video Marketing

It’s no secret that video marketing is effective as an advertising tool, whether that be tv commercials, online marketing, music videos, or social media posts. However, developing a video marketing campaign may seem like a complicated process. If you don’t know your way around a camera, the mere thought of creating a video to grow your business can make you feel like a fish out of water. Luckily, Las Vegas video production specialists from Key Lime Photography can help you create a memorable video to market your products or services. 

If you’re still on the fence regarding video marketing, keep reading for some reasons to use video marketing and kinds of marketing videos to help your business. We’ll also look at tips for getting started with video marketing. 

Reasons to Invest in Video Marketing

Before discussing the kinds of marketing videos and tips for getting started, let’s look at the reasons for investing in video marketing

  1. It boosts brand awareness. If no one knows about your brand, no one will purchase what you have to offer. People who learn about your product or service are the people you will convert to customers. Consider how many videos you yourself watch on social media. Your future consumers also watch videos on social media so shouldn’t your product be among those videos?
  2. Video increases the rate of conversion. Having a video on your landing page can increase your conversion rate by 80%. If you have a reasonable sales rate now without having a video on your webpage, imagine how many sales you could generate if you added it. One practical use of video is to give consumers a demonstration of your products or services. 
  3. Build trust with your potential customers. If consumers don’t trust you, they won’t purchase from you online. Millennials trust videos to help them form their worldview. Video helps facilitate customer engagement thereby building their trust. 
  4. Let your customers learn your knowledge base. People tend to learn faster by watching videos than they do from reading or looking at static images. You can express your points more quickly with video than with simple written or other visual content. When given a choice between video and text, video is chosen by approximately 72% of web users. 
  5. Search engine traffic increases. Consumers use search engines daily to find products, services, and information. Videos drive search engine optimization and push consumers to visit your site. On Google, 55% of searches yield videos and 82% of the videos in the search come from YouTube. 
  6. Develop YouTube traffic to your site. Approximately 1.9 billion people visit YouTube every month. Statistically speaking, YouTube reaches more people in the 18–48 age bracket than television networks. If you want to reach millennials, YouTube is the platform you should utilize because they are more likely to use it as a learning tool. 

Are you trying to increase sales or improve brand awareness? Before you invest in video marketing you should have clear objectives for what you plan to accomplish. Without a goal, you won’t know what metrics to use to measure the success rate of your marketing. 

Types of Marketing Videos

Types of Marketing Videos

You have several options for types of videos to use for marketing purposes. Here are some of them. 

  • Event recap videos: If your company is hosting an event, create a video highlighting the event, including presentations or interviews. 
  • Highlight reel or sizzle reel: This is similar to a recap video, but it’s shorter and quicker paced. It’s perfect for social media. 
  • Promo videos: Promos demonstrate how products work. These can be unboxing videos, product testing videos, venue walk throughs, or even software demonstrations.
  • Brand and corporate announcement videos: These videos are usually part of a more extensive campaign that shows the company’s mission, vision, products, or services. The goal here is to build awareness of your company and to create interest within your target customer base.
  • Expert interviews: Build trust and establish your authority in your industry by creating video interviews with an expert or industry leader. Get thoughtful pieces with industry influencers on video. 
  • Educational videos or how-to videos: Teach your potential customers something or help them learn how your products or services work. 
  • Explainer videos: These videos are a fictionalized journey of a buyer looking to solve a problem. The character uses your product or service to solve the problem.
  • Animated videos: If a concept is hard to understand, an animated video can help to simplify the idea. 
  • Testimonials: Potential customers want to know that your product or service will benefit them. Providing them with videos of satisfied customers sharing their experiences can help them trust your service.
  • Live videos: Using live streaming videos encourages customer engagement. If you choose to live stream, encourage customers to send in their questions for you to answer. 

These are common types of videos used in marketing situations. Understanding how each one works can help you determine which style will most benefit your business. Once you choose your video style, you can get started with your video marketing efforts.

Making Your Video and How Video Production Companies Can Help

A lot of effort goes into creating a compelling video for video marketing. The first, possibly the most essential step, is to plan your video. Without a proper plan, your video might not convey the message you need to get across. Starting with a clear purpose in mind will help guide your decision-making throughout the video creation process. 

Key Lime Photography – A Las Vegas Production Company

Video marketing is essential for growing your business, attracting potential clients, and eventually converting them into paying customers.

At Key Lime Photography, we offer full-service video services for a wide range of projects such as digital marketing videos, event recap videos, and corporate videos/training videos. Our video production company works diligently to produce dynamic content and creative visuals so that your company or event will be memorable for viewers.

We have collaborated with all types of companies in Las Vegas, NV and have provided video production services at major events. We’re confident that we will create the best content for your projects as we are one of the top video production companies in the area.

Contact us via our online form or give us a call at (702) 707-3437 to learn how we can help you with your video marketing goals. You can also browse some of the recent videos we have done if you want to get an idea of our work.

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