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Increasing Traffic to Your Website with the Help of a Commercial Photographer in Las Vegas

People use the internet for learning, playing, shopping, and business. To have a relevant, dynamic company in the modern age, you need a website that garners traffic from potential customers and loyal clients. The images you have on your site can affect the amount of traffic that your pages receive. Consider enlisting a professional commercial photographer in Las Vegas to create beautiful commercial photos to help drive traffic to your website. 

Having commercial photographers take images for your online portfolio is the first step in upgrading your website. Tips like where to place pictures and how to label them can help increase the traffic to your pages, too. Continue reading to discover how a professional commercial photography business can help you increase the traffic to your website. 

Use Photos on Multiple Outlets

Successful businesses recognize their web presence extends beyond their own company’s website. Many businesses also have a powerful social media presence. Don’t underestimate the impact photographs and other imagery can have on your social media presence. Opportunities abound to share your images and your brand on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pinterest and LinkedIn are other external opportunities for sharing your brand messaging and images. 

These don’t have to be advertising photography either, they can be food photography, fashion photography, lifestyle photography, and more; as long as they fit your brand. Just don’t forget to link your photos to your website.

Internally, you can post dynamic images of different types of commercial photography on your website or with your blog posts as well. 

Image Alt Tag

Image Alt Tag

An alt tag is a powerful way to optimize the images you use on your website. Each important photograph or image in your commercial photography portfolio on your website should have an alt tag. If you’re unfamiliar with how an alt tag works, it allows you to use a keyword to refer to the image, leading people who search for that keyword to find your photo. Search engines, such as Google, will find your image with the alt tag keywords and place your website higher in the results. 

Imagine you have photographs of custom-crafted jewelry for sale. Using an appropriate keyword or phrase in your alt tag will bring up the photograph of your jewelry when someone searches the keyword. For example, when tagged appropriately, a ruby necklace image on your page will make it appear in a search for ruby jewelry. Your photos appearing as search results lead new and returning customers to your website. 

Use Keywords in Your Photo Name

Have you ever considered how you name your photographs? Many people don’t think about this aspect of creating an image-rich website. Simply allowing a non-descriptive name for your photos to be the saved file name causes you to miss the chance to drive new commercial clients and customers to your website.

Instead, use a keyword to name your photos and images. Doing this helps search engines catalog your photographs and bring traffic to your website through the images. Using our custom jewelry example, you could use “large ruby necklace” rather than “picture1” as the image name and your photo is less likely to get lost in the shuffle. 

Plan Photos for Paid Ads in Advance

You should do more than create a catchy slogan or run a limited sale when you create paid advertisements. Think about the image you want to project and the message you want to send. Clear objectives help you to create more effective advertising campaigns. 

As part of the process of creating ads, plan out the photos you will use. Choose the images you want to use even before beginning your campaign. You are building your brand, so select images that best represent the kind of work you do. Remember, if these photos don’t work as well as you expected, you can (and maybe should) change them with the next campaign. It may be best to hold commercial photography shoots to capture images to suit your brand.

Spread Out Your Photos

Blocks of text can be boring and don’t foster interest. Photos are more interesting to individuals of all ages. Engage your visitors by interspersing photographs with written copy. Use multiple images and spread them throughout your page

Don’t forget your website goes beyond your home page. Beautiful custom photographs throughout each page of your site can help your customers stay engaged and interested in your products and services. Mix your photos throughout your website. Use them to link to your other, more specific pages. 

Provide NEW Content Regularly and Often

Consumers easily recognize a stock photo when they see one. To keep customers returning to your website, use authentic photographs of your team and your products. New, authentic images can improve your website’s SEO rankings. Add new content routinely so customers have a reason to continue visiting your website. 

In fact, Google states that “new content will not only keep your existing visitor base coming back but also bring in new visitors.” Google continues, saying, “Avoid rehashing (or even copying) existing content that will bring little extra value to users and having duplicate or near-duplicate versions of your content.”

New content can be new product images or photographs of your team celebrating an award. Pictures of your team authentically interacting with one another or with customers allow people to relate to your company. Feeling they can relate can lead to loyalty and repeat traffic to your site. 

Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It Up

Your website is where customers come to learn about your products and services. Building a dynamic site with beautiful custom commercial photographs that link to more specific pages isn’t as difficult as you might think. Driving customers, old and new, to your website, can be as simple as labeling your photographs appropriately. 

Enlist the assistance of a commercial photographer in Las Vegas to create eye-catching, dynamic photographs that will help bring customers to your website. When you want the best in the commercial photography industry, reach out to Key Lime Photography.

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