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Increase Your ROI with Photos from an Advertising Photographer in Las Vegas, Nevada

When you are looking to increase your profit and grow your business, an easy metric to gauge your success is your return on investment, or ROI. One of the best ways to maximize your ROI is to create a readily recognizable brand with great photos across your website, social media, and marketing efforts. Engaging the services of an amazing advertising photographer in Las Vegas, NV is a great way to create images that will become synonymous with your brand. Continue reading to discover why you should consider using professional photographers in Las Vegas and how those photos will help your bottom line. 

Why Investing in a Professional Photography Experience Makes Sense

Thinking of your favorite brands, what comes to your mind? The photos, logos, labels, and other imagery associated with the brand is probably the first thing. Now, consider how using professionally photographed images can help your own brand. Using a Las Vegas, NV. photographer to take professional photographs will help to create a uniform, identifiable brand image with consistent quality across multiple publications and platforms. Here are some reasons to setting up a photo shoot with a seasoned photographer:

  1. Hiring a professional photographer to take your corporate photos makes your advertising materials and your website look more professional. A professional appearance can help you gain more customers, which in turn enables you to realize a greater return on investment. 
  2. Professional photography helps you build trust with your customers. Consumers can instantly recognize stock photos of lifestyle sessions haphazardly placed on advertising materials or websites. Having professionals take the photographs gives consumers something to trust because they will likely recognize the professionalism and effort into your branding.
  3. Using professionally created images on your website or social media encourages potential customers to share your photos which, in turn, will help you reach larger audiences.
  4. Using the right images can help improve conversion rates. Images that are unique to your brand and are professionally created instantly catch visitors’ attention and let them know what you are selling or what service you are providing. A pro can help you and your company determine the right photography style.

Great pictures can help to increase the number of visitors to your site, which in turn helps to bring in clients, generate sales, and increase the ROI.

Ways to Use Professional Photography to Help Your Brand

Ways to Use Professional Photography

For a business, image is everything. Imagery is the first thing people remember when a brand is mentioned. Here are ways to use imagery to increase brand recognition:

  • Using custom images is the best way to increase foot traffic to your website and create a brand that is easily recognizable to potential customers. Use images that are representative of your brand and what you do.
  • Think of photos as a natural extension of the brand you are working to create. Each image should have a purpose and have an impact on the general public and world. 
  • Look for images that inspire you. If you are having issues choosing the right images, consider looking at your closest competitors for ideas. You can’t use their photos or content, but you can use what you see to inspire your ideas for images. 
  • Have your photographer do photo shoots and take a variety of shots from different angle and distances. Try an interesting light source like natural light, neon lights, or a spotlight. Also, have them use their editing skills to make some aspects of the photographs stand out from the rest. Using these tricks will give you options for finding the perfect image that represents your brand.
  • Some of the best advertising and websites have images that have the same look and feel. Many photographers can play with focus, contrast, and filters to help you achieve the perfect representative look. 
  • Continue adding photos to your social media pages and your website. If the first images didn’t achieve your desired results, keep trying. Archive older pictures and keep a catalog of pictures to help inspire customers to use your products or services.
  • In the beginning, post a lot on social media and the images and blog sections of your website. Quantity keeps your name out there. Don’t worry about perfection when you are first starting. Instead, concentrate on posting consistent, beautiful images. Remember, the more you post, the more your potential customers will get notifications about your business, fueling the potential for increased ROI.

Ways the Right Photos Help Improve Your ROI

Are you still wondering why you should hire someone to take your photographs rather than take a do-it-yourself approach? Having a professional photographer create your images will help you:

  • Draw attention to your business website.
  • Indicate the effort you put into making your products or providing your services.
  • Apply graphic detail and virtual imagery to showcase your product.
  • Provide a vivid visual image to communicate product or service offerings to potential customers.
  • Establish your trustworthiness with your client base.
  • Create an impression using your sense of style and brand recognition.

A statistic worth noting is that of products purchased online and subsequently returned, approximately 22% were returned because the customer felt they didn’t measure up to the images they saw. A professional photographer can make your products look great while also maintaining the necessary realism to help reduce the number of returns you receive. 

Conclusion: Professional Pictures Help Increase Your ROI

When you are establishing your brand, images can make or break you. The correct photos, professionally created, can help to significantly increase your return on investment by saving you time and money. Professional images can capture the essence of your business while strategically enhancing products by adjusting angles and distance within the photographs. 

Brands are often recognized for their images in advertising and at trade shows. The goal is to make your brand readily recognizable. Professional photography helps to reach that very goal.

If you need a marketing image that makes your brand recognizable to both potential and loyal customers, contact Key Lime Photography, a Las Vegas photographer, to discover precisely how we can help you with your imaging needs. 

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