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Corporate Head Shot Guide | Las Vegas Photography

Your business starts and ends with you. You are the face of your company, product or service. Your photo is everywhere, from your website, to LinkedIn, social media and print material. If your head shot is dimly lit, awkward posing, or even a cell phone photo, that will directly correlate to your company’s branding. If you want quality clients, show that you care about quality, starting with your own head shots.

Before you book your session, check out this Head Shot Guide to optimize your photo shoot:

Location & Back Drop – Choose a location that is appropriate for the job you have (or want). If you are a realtor, you can spice up your head shot by being photographed in a nicely decorated home. Often CEOs of companies choose to be photographed in beautiful lobbies of their building. If you don’t want to be tied to a specific location, choose a dark or colorful backdrop in studio. Dark grey is our backdrop of choice. The dark grey takes away any distractions from objects or colorful patterns in the background and helps the viewer focus on you.

Outfit –  Always dress for the job you want, not the job you have!

Gentlemen:  You may wear a bright red polo to work everyday, but unless you’re getting your head shot to advertise a polo shirt company, don’t wear that during your head shot. Wear a freshly pressed collared shirt to start out your outfit. You can add a suit jacket and tie for variety. Make sure you starch your shirt before your session! This will minimize the need for your photographer from say “pull your shirt down, left, right, straighten your collar, etc” to avoid cresses.

Ladies: There are so many options to choose from. Rely on your photographer to help you pick. Bring two or three outfits to your session to ask your photographer which you should wear. In general, avoid very tight fitting clothing, trendy outfits that may go out of style quickly (for example, blouses with cut outs, rhinestones, or seasonal patterns). Choose simple colors that compliment your skin tone. For example, I have an olive skin tone. Though I love trendy mustard yellow jackets and blouses, they make my skin tone look yellow and sickly. In addition, because I am tan mostly year round, I avoid pastel and pale colors. My skin tone is accented by bold, primary colors or simple grey, black and white blouses. Rely on your photography to help you choose your color palet!

Everyone: Choose simple outfits with basic colors and patterns. If you choose strong patterns like bright plaid, trendy patterns, and eccentric colors, you may find yourself reshooting your head shot just to follow the latest clothing trend. You want your head shot to represent you for as long as possible. So remember, keep it simple!

Eyewear – Bring several options so your photographer can help you choose eyewear that best suits your personal brand. In addition, more expensive glasses often come with anti-reflection coating which is essential if your session is in a studio with lights. The last thing you want it a big umbrella showing in your glasses. However, if your glasses do not have anti-reflection, not to worry, your photographer will turn you towards or away from the lighting to avoid glare.

Accessories – Again, keep it simple. Avoid huge accessories that will draw attention away from your face. Simple stud earrings and slim necklaces are a great way to glamorize your head shot without taking the attention away from you. Gentlemen, if you’re going to wear a tie make sure it has a simple pattern or color.

Haircut/Hair Style – If you’re going get your hair trimmed or cut, make sure you do that at least two weeks before your session. You do want to look sharp, you don’t want to look like you came straight from the barber’s shop. Giving your hair two weeks to grow a bit will give it a natural look. In addition, make sure you style your hair the way you normally would. If want to represent your everyday look in a professional way, so you don’t need to get out the curlers for your head shot. If you keep your hair straight everyday, do the same for your head shot. The exception to that rule is, if you normally put your hair in a pony tail or bun, we recommend that you do put your hair down for this event. When your hair is tied up, it changes the dynamic of your face. Keeping your hair down gives your a fuller, multi-dimensional look.

Make Up – Professional make up is recommended for both men and women. Head shots with professional lighting pick up every crease, under eye discoloration, or minor blemish. Professional foundation (even if it’s a light application) will make your skin look even, hydrated and fresh.

Editing – Make sure your photographer is also an editor! Your mind’s eye will overlook minor blemishes when you look at yourself in the mirror. The camera is not so forgiving. Your professional photographer will edit your image to make you look YOUR best (not plasticy for the front of a Hollywood magazine). Any distractions that take away from your face will be smoothed, diminished or even removed, but so that features that make you YOU will stand out.

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