Mt Charleston Engagement Photos | Paola & Geo

Geo and Paola have been high school sweethearts since the age of sixteen. They have been through thick and thin together, bonded by a strong root in faith. They’ve been planning their fall wedding for what seems like a lifetime and counting. All the pieces are coming together to for a stunning plush and gold themed wedding. It only seemed fitting to take this whimsical bride and groom to higher elevations for  Mt Charleston engagement photos.

There three spots that were favorite locations for Geo and Paola’s engagement session. We discovered a grove of delicate aspen trees, a field of luscious golden grass, and a riverbed with silver rocks and a green pine tree backdrop. Geo was a bit nervous, but like a pro, Paolo helped loosen Geo’s nerves with memories and laughs. For a moment they seemed lost in their own conversation, counting the blessings they’ve had together.

I’m blessed and excited to be a part of their big day this October!