Denver Family Photos | Ashley & Richard

I’ve passed this family park called Jackass Hill Park in Littleton, Colorado about a dozen times, just longing for the day that I could use it for a family photoshoot. I finally got to photograph my own brother, his wife and two kids and I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect setting. The lighting and colors in Denver are a bit different from Las Vegas (for those of you that don’t know, I live and run a photography company in Las Vegas, but travel to Denver about once a quarter). I’m used to very orange colors from the desert landscape in vegas, but in Denver there is so much greenery that the scenery is more blue and cool colored. The mountains are hazy which makes a blanket of soft glowy light…which makes photographers squeal with glee.

This photoshoot was the highlight of my trip. Two year old Levi and 6 month Elsey Kate were polar opposites behind the camera. Elsey Kate just smiled and giggled as a tickled her with strands of long grass and Levi, true to toddler form, hid from the camera unless I pretended I was a dinosaur coming to eat him. Rich and Ashley even joined in the creative process and tried a pose I have NEVER seen before : a family tower. Richard was just being goofy and had Ashely on his shoulders (bravo bro, you’ve still got it). This turned out to be our favorite photo.

Over our two hour session, we laughed, tickled, chased Levi and even stopped for a quick snack break. This experience is what I wish for every family. An evening of laughs, that we simultaneously capture in photos to hang your wall.

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