Nelson Ghost Town | Winky & Ray

Winky and Ray aren’t your average Las Vegas Local. You may be flipping pages in the Vegas Seven and stop dead in your tracks. You’ll see pictures of Winky surrounded by uniquely designed watches. Little did you know, Winky and Ray are the creators of Winky Watches. They’ve grown their watch design business from a simple idea, to the “Best Little Design Empire”, ranging from several shops in the Downtown Las Vegas Container shop and Town Square.

We had no idea we were photographing a local celebrity during Winky and Ray’s engagement session at Nelson’s Ghost town. I remember asking her about a stick on watch tattoo that she had on her wrist. She proudly showed me her other wrist, which wore the Mint Chocolate Chip Wrap Watch (my personal favorite). She had just been at a designer conference the day before and was branded a watch designer by her fun tattoo marketing give away.

Needless to say, Winky and Ray are full of life, ambition and a little goofiness. Nelson’s Ghost town was a perfect place to “play”, with vintage bikes, cars and crashed airplanes as a backdrop.