My name is Winnie. I'm an Australian Shepherd-Catahoula mix.

I work hard and play even harder. I exercise my co-workers daily with high reps of frisbee throwing. Though I am careful to only eat when I am hungry, I will do almost anything for a treat; primarily chicken, cheese and I’ll settle for broccoli. I’ve mastered over a dozen tricks including roll over, play dead, figure eight and shake.

And I’m not just a park dog, I love hiking. I thoroughly enjoy scouting out new locations and testing the muddle puddles on every turn. Though I’d rather not be a part of the semi annual family photo my parents MAKE me sit still for, I do enjoy being a sit in model during lighting tests.

If we meet, I may be shy… but throw a tennis ball and I’ll love you forever.

Priorities and Preferences:

Daily Priorities

Treat preference

  • Chicken
  • Cheese
  • Broccoli

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