If you’ve ever taken the Smalley-Trenton personality test, you’d know that Lion, Beaver, Golden Retriever and Otter describe personality types. I am a Lion-Beaver….a “Leaver” or a “Blion” you might say. The lion in me charges forward and makes decisions quickly. That usually means I think every idea I have is brilliant and I go full force at it like a train without brakes!! But, the beaver in me likes details. Beavers love every single detail, so they can take their time and make the right decision. I’m a half beaver. So I like to have all the details crammed in a 5 minute meeting, with a coffee and bagel on the way. I love working with my husband because he is as beaver-labrador. He pays attention to EVERY detail, including every punctionation. He is also very laid back.

In our household, choosing a restaurant is a very comical scene. I will ask “where would you like to eat?” so that I provide my laid back husband an opportunity to voice his opinion. He starts by saying he doesn’t care. When I push him to make a decision, he researches every restaurant on yelp in 5 mile radius. When I’m super hungry, I veto all restaurant choices and pick the closest one. For future endeavors, we have decided that we love sushi and we will always choose our favorite restaurant, Kyara Japanese Tapas as soon as we’re hungry.

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